The easiest way to NFT

In just a few clicks, we let you mint, list and sell NFTs to your fans, without any complexities.

Mint, List, Sell.
(Lighting Fast)

Dropmints handles all the extra steps and allows creators to mint NFTs in just a few clicks. No wallets, smart contracts or confusing crypto transactions required.

Simple Transactions.

Fans can purchase NFTs using credit cards, debit cards, as well as Apple Pay. No crypto holdings required. Dropmints checkout prevents fraud and ensures a secure transaction between creator and fan.

No-fees, ever.

We have no upfront fees for minting NFTs and creators pay zero dollars in gas fees to create on Dropmints. We allow creators to focus on creativity while we handle all the technicalities.

Supercharge your

Dropmints NFTs allow fans to gain true ownership of the content they love. Activate your community and form a special bond with your audience. Give your fans access to merch for the metaverse.